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In October of 2023 I was offered the irresistible opportunity to co-lead my first photographic tour to South Africa (at last). What an amazing experience! We visited three different and wondrous areas; Marrick Lodge, Augrabies Falls National Park and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. This portfolio contains my favorite images from the entire adventure.

I am eagerly looking forward to returning to South Africa in 2024. Please visit for more information on this tour and many others around the world.

All of these photos are available for editorial usage, or "Fine Art Prints" please contact me through e-mail with your particular interest.

Un-authorized use of any of these photos is prohibited.
AFBL00318 - Black-maned LionAFBL00012 - Black-maned LionAFBL00282 - Black-maned LionAFBL00102 - Black-maned LionAFBL00028 - Black-maned LionAFBL00063 - Black-maned LionAFMT00351 - MeerkatAFGF00039 - GiraffeAFBJ00157 - Black-backed JackalAFSP00036 - SpringbokAFZA00030 - ZeebraAFGK00162 - GemsbokAFBB00001 - Chacma BaboonAFSB00051 _ Swallow-tailed Bee-eaterAFVW00046 - Violet-eared WaxbillAFBW00005 - Black-faced WaxbillAFPB00029 - Pied BarbetAFSW00056 - Southern Masked WeaverAFBU00023 - Common BulbulAFBC00015 - Northern Black Korhaan