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Created 30-Mar-11
Modified 24-Dec-23
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A variety of wood duck photos.

Fine art prints and high resolution files for publication are available upon request. Un-authorized use of any of these photos is not permitted.
Wood DuckWood DuckWood DuckWDDK419366-Wood-Duck-PairWood Duck Drake - WDDK00053Wood Duck Drake - WDDK00011WDDK00163-WoodduckWood Duck Drake - WDDK00327WDDK419021-Wood-Duck-DrakeWDDK00016-WoodduckWood Duck Drake with Chicks - WDDK00018Wood DuckWDDK00037-WoodduckWDDK00200-WoodduckWood Duck - WDDK00241Wood Duck Drake - WDDK00330WDDK00603 Wood DuckWDDK00476 - Wood DuckWDDK00653 - Wood Duck DrakeWood Duck Drake - WDDK00456