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All photos available for publishing and fine art prints. High resolution files available upon request. Un-authorised usage of any of these images is not permitted
Mount Shasta, Marsh Wetlands Klamath Basin - MASE00105MASE00400a Marsh WetlandsMASE00353 Marsh WetlandsMASE00440 Marsh WetlandsMSWL00463 Mutiple Species WaterfowlMutiple Species Waterfowl - MSWL00755MSWL00951 Mutiple Species WaterfowlMSWL01032 Mutiple Species WaterfowlMSWL01062 Mutiple Species WaterfowlMSWL01068 Mutiple Species WaterfowlMSWL01095 Mutiple Species WaterfowlNSD00325 Northern Shoveler DuckBE02359 Bald EagleBE02379 Bald EagleMSWL01081 Widgeons, Pintails, MallardsCNTL00309 Cinnamon TealHDMR00340 Hooded MerganserTWSW00219 Trumpeter SwanRH00133 Redhead DuckHDMR00373 Hooded Merganser