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Created 22-Jul-14
Modified 27-Dec-22
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A portfolio of photos from Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and other natural areas nearby the refuge. All photos are available for publication and fine art prints. Un-authorized use of any of these photos is not permitted.
SGGR00830 Sage GrouseAVCT01923 - American AvocetWFIS01268 - White-faced IbisBNST01376 - Black-necked StiltYHBD00452 - Yellow-headed BlackbirdVR00156 - Virginia RailSORA00026 SoraCRLW00512 CurlewEDGR00094 - Eared GrebeSHCR01106 - Sandhill CraneMSWL01522 - Multiple Species of WaterfowlCNTL01513 - Cinnamon TealCFSW00164 - Cliff SwallowRSSG01219 - Ross's GeeseAVCT02706 - American AvocetKLDR00195 - KilldeerPF00521 - Peregrine FalconRYDK00374 - Ruddy DuckMHWN00308 - Marsh WrenSGGR03073 - Greater Sage Grouse