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Created 22-Jul-14
Modified 28-Feb-24
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This portfolio of photos was created from our popular workshops in South-eastern Oregon around Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and surrounding natural areas nearby the refuge display the incredibly numerous species of birdlife that live and migrate through the area during our visit.

Please visit for more information about this amazing photographic opportunity.

All photos are available for publication and Fine Art prints. Un-authorized use of any of these photos is not permitted.
SGGR00830 Sage GrouseAVCT01923 - American AvocetWFIS01268 - White-faced IbisBNST01376 - Black-necked StiltYHBD00452 - Yellow-headed BlackbirdVR00156 - Virginia RailSORA00026 SoraCRLW00512 CurlewEDGR00094 - Eared GrebeSHCR01106 - Sandhill CraneMSWL01522 - Multiple Species of WaterfowlRNPT01179 - Ring-necked PheasantCNTL01513 - Cinnamon TealCFSW00164 - Cliff SwallowRTHK01474 - Red-tail HawkRSSG01219 - Ross's GeeseAVCT02706 - American AvocetKLDR00195 - KilldeerPF00521 - Peregrine FalconRYDK00374 - Ruddy Duck