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Created 17-Mar-11
Modified 4-Jan-21
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Black-tail Deer of the North-western United States.

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Black-tail Deer Buck - BTBK00568BTBK00628 Black-tail DeerBTDR00311 - Black-tail DeerBTDR00049-Black-tail-Deer-Buck,-summer-velvet-Black-tail Deer Herd - BTBK00594Mount Rainier, Black-tail Deer Buck - BTBK00253cBTBK00548 Black-tail DeerBTBK00465 Black-tail DeerBTBK00082 Black-tail Deer BuckBTBK00482 Black-tail DeerBTBK00515 Black-tail DeerBTDR00270-Black-tail-DeerBTDR00586 - Black-tail DeerBTDR00408 Black-tail DeerBlack-tail-Deer Buck, Velvet Antlers - BTDR00228BTBK00301 Black-tail DeerBlack-tail Deer Buck, alpine landscape -  BTBK00089BTBK00527 Black-tail DeerBTBK00580 Black-tail DeerBTBK00159 Black-tail Buck, early autumn