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Created 25-Feb-23
Modified 24-Dec-23
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The warm climate of Southern California is a great place to escape the winters chill and photograph the amazing variety of birdlife at natural areas around San Diego.

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All of these photos are available as Fine Art Prints and editorial usage, please email me for more information. Un-authorized use of any of these photos is not permitted.
SDWG00215 - Western GrebeSDCH00314 - Costa's HummingbirdSDCQ00217 - California QuailSDAW00167 - Acorn WoodpeckerSDLG00338 - Lawrence's GoldfinchSDWD00107 - WoodduckSDBP00239 - Brown PelicanSDGB00002 - Great Blue HeronSDWN00010 - White-breasted NuthatchSDPF00030 - Peregrin FalconSDCG00069 - Clark's GrebeSDBP00503 - Brown PelicanSDAH00185 - Anna's HummingbirdSDCT00068 - California ThrasherSDMC00004 - Mountain ChickadeeSDCW00191 - Long-billed CurlewSDWP00084 - American White PelicanSDCS00018 - California Sea LionSDCT00029 - Royal TernSDBP00006 - Black Phebe