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I had the incredible opportunity to visit the Seward Peninsula around Nome Alaska for 10 days in early June of 2011. This was my first time exploring this remote sub-artic region. Over the past four years Nome has become my favorite place to photograph and I am eagerly looking forward to returning next spring to continue the adventure. If you would like to join me next year, please contact me [email protected] or check for more information about our trip.

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AMGP00905 - American Golden PloverNMRL00407 - Red-throated LoonWillow Ptarmigan - NMWP00096BLTH01857 BluethroatNMSB00215_Snow BuntingNMBP00522 - Black-bellied PloverNMGE01519 _ Golden EaglePeregrin FalconNMLJ00693 - Long-tailed JaegerNMRG00025 Red-necked GrebeNMRP00507a Red-necked PhalaropeNMWS00184 - Western SandpiperNMMO01824 - Musk OxNMRF00128 - Red FoxNMMS00293 - Alaskan MooseReindeer - NMRD00104Northern Wheatear - NMWR00036NMLL00217 - Lapland LongspurNMRK00266 - Red KnotNMPS00019 - Pectoral Sandpiper

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Joseph V Higbee(non-registered)
A super collection, Ken. Love the close-up views of creatures in such a wide open landscape.
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