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A wonderful and productive break from the colder winter climates of the Northern US awaits you in the warmer climate of South Texas. Join us to photograph the incredible birdlife in the warmer climate of South Texas in mid-March.

Please visit for more information about these wonderful photography workshops.

All these photos are available as Fine Art Prints and for editorial usage. Please email me for more information. Un-authorized use of any of these photos is not permitted.
TXNC00760 - Northern CardinalTXGJ00092 - Green JayTXCT00105 - Long-billed ThrasherTXTT00011 - Tufted TitmouseTXPY00018 - PyrrhuloxiaTXCC00084 - Crested Cara CaraTXHH00152 - Harris's HawkTXTV00034 - Turkey VultureTXWC00350 - Whooping CraneTXRS00059 _ Roseate SpoonbillTXBP00018 Brown PelicanTXAH00027 - AnhingaTXSC00076 - Sandhill Crane (lesser)TXRE00046 - Reddish EgretTXGE00036 - Great EgretTXGJ00072 - Green JayTXNC00729 - Northern CardinalTXGW00006 - Golden-fronted WoodpeckerTXCT00172 - Brown ThrasherTXPY00003 - Pyrrhuloxia