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Created 25-Feb-23
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A wonderful and productive break from the colder winter climates of the Northern US awaits you in the warmer climate of South Texas. Join us to photograph the incredible birdlife in the warmer climate of South Texas in mid-March.

Please visit for more information about these wonderful photography workshops.

All these photos are available as Fine Art Prints and for editorial usage. Please email me for more information. Un-authorized use of any of these photos is not permitted.
TXNC01347 - Northern CardinalTXNC00188 - Northern CardinalTXPY00068 - PyrrhuloxiaTXPY00018 - PyrrhuloxiaTXGJ00092 - Green JayTXGJ00207 - Green JayTXTT00098 - Tufted TitmouseTXTT00011 - Tufted TitmouseTXLT00006 - Long-billed ThrasherTXCT00105 - Brown ThrasherTXBQ00014 - Bobwhite QuailTXGK00024 - Greater KiskadeeTXCC00480 - Crested CaracaraTXCC00084 - Crested Cara CaraTXHH00152 - Harris's HawkTXHH00123 - Harris HawkTXTV00034 - Turkey VultureTXTV00052 - Turkey VultureTXSO00029 - Eastern Screech OwlTXRS00059 _ Roseate Spoonbill