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In May of 2010 I had the irresistable opportunity to join Trogon Tours co-leading a bird photography workshop with Nate Chappell in Ecuador. The experience was incredible and rewarding. Our subjects were all new and exciting, and it was a pleasure shooting with a group of aspiring nature photographers from various backgrounds and parts of the world. I truly enjoyed sharing my photographic techniques and idea's with everyone in the group , but I am certain I learned as much from them as they did from me.

I am eagerly looking forward to returning to Ecuador in Decmeber of 2011 to co-lead another exciting bird photography work shop. If you are interested in this awesome experience, please visit for more information.

High quality fine art prints are available for any of these images. High resolution files are available upon request for publishing purposes. Un-authorised use of any of these images is not permited.
Gilded Barbet Pair - ECBD00999Blue-winged Mountain TanagerVelvet-purple CoronetECHB00731 Booted Racket-tailToucan BarbetECBD01572 Masked FlowerpiercerECBD00244 Flame-faced TanagerECBD01320 Cobalt-winged ParakeetECBD00807 Torrent Duck"Carunculated Caracara"Golden TanagerCollard PuffbirdMasked TrogonECHB00874 Violet-tailed SylthECBD00337 Golden TanagerChestnut-breasted CoronetBroad-billed MotmotGiant AnpittaECHB00195 Velvet-purple CoronetECBD00158 Squirrel Cuckoo

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Mike at
Really wonderful, lovely, colorful pictures of exotic birds, I must admit i am quite envious, to travel to ecuador to take these pics must have been a fantastic experience! :)
Ashley Vincent(non-registered)
As you already know, exquisitely colourful and exotic birds are my favourite avian families, so this is a gallery I'm thoroughly enjoying. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work Ken, always a delight to to see more!!! :^)
1. JFC AEB Hildesheim(non-registered)
Greetings from Germany sends the first JFC AEB Hildesheim. You have a , made good site. Then you can be proud of. All the best for the future! I would be delighted if you visited our HP once.

Oliver Hilski
1st JFC AEB Hildesheim
zelim da gledam vase divne fotografije,pozdrav
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