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Created 9-Sep-14
Modified 24-Dec-23
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A selection of various sea ducks occurring in the western United States waters. All photos are available for editorial use and/or fine art prints. Un-authorized use of any of these photos is not permitted.
Common Eider - NMCE00010Common Eider - NMCE00004HNDK00344 Harlequin DuckHNDK00327 Harlequin DuckHNDK00376 Harlequin DuckWWSC00039 - White-winged ScooterWWSC00055 White-winged ScooterHNDK00006 - Harlequin DucksHNDK00114 - Harlequin DucksHNDK00024 - Harlequin DucksHNDK00480 - Harlequin DuckHNDK00394 Harlequin DuckHNDK00582 - Harlequin DuckHNDK00002 - Harlequin DucksHNDK00532 - Harlequin DuckHNDK00400 - Harlequin DuckHNDK00708 - Harlequin DuckNMSE00108 - Spectacled EiderHNDK00582 - Harlequin DuckTXWD00058 - Black-bellied Whistling Duck