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Created 9-Sep-14
Modified 18-Dec-20
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A selection of three varieties of the North American teal species. All photos are available for editorial rights and/or fine art prints. Un-authorized use of any of these photos is not permitted.
NMGW00408 - Green-winged TealNMGW00005 Green-winged TealNMGW00131 - Green-winged TealNMGW00001 - Green-winged TealNMGW00004 Green-winged TealGWTL00536 - Green-winged TealNMGW00240 - Green-winged TealBWTL00212 - Blue-winged TealBWTL00283 - Blue-winged TealCinnamon Teal - CNTL00054CNTL01549 - Cinnamon TealCNTL01513 - Cinnamon TealCNTL01550 - Cinnamon TealCNTL00188 - Cinnamon TealCNTL01513 - Cinnamon TealCNTL01549 - Cinnamon TealCNTL00775 - Cinnamon TealNMGW00240 - Green-winged TealCNTL01513 - Cinnamon TealNMGW00344 - Green-winged Teal