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A variety of small mammals. High resolution files and fine art prints are available upon request. Un-authorised use of any of these photos is not permited.
Deer Mouse - DMS00062BR00012 BadgerBadger - BR00015Badger - BR00031Badger - BR00043BR00077 BadgerBR00125 BadgerBR00129 BadgerBR430377 Badger Kit at den entranceBR00227 BadgerBadger Hunting - BR00269BR00292 BadgerBadger Hunting - BR00298Badger - BR00302Beaver Pair Grooming - BR00041BVR00044 - BeaverBVR00216 - BeaverBVR00144 BeaverBVR00146 - BeaverBVR00147 Beaver

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Another wonderful gallery of beautifully captured images Ken!
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