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Aranas National Wildlife Refuge is the wintering home of the very rare and endangered Whooping Crane. Visiting this area to experience these amazing birds in person is a must do while you're in South Texas during the winter. There is also a wide variety of other birdlife wintering at Aranas NWR.

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TXWC01860 - Whooping CraneTXWC00350 - Whooping CraneTXWC00422 - Whooping CraneTXWC00988 - Whooping CraneTXWC00975 - Whooping CraneTXWC00838 - Whooping CraneTXWC00509 - Whooping CraneTXWC01359 - Whooping CraneTXWC00753 - Whooping CraneTXWC01950 - Whooping CraneTXWC01654 - Whooping CraneTXWC00871 - Whooping CraneTXWC01243 - Whooping CraneTXWC00806 - Whooping CraneTXWC00513 - Whooping CraneTXWC01400 - Whooping CraneTXWC01769 - Whooping CraneTXWC00651 - Whooping CraneTXWC01510 - Whooping CraneTXWC00555 - Whooping Crane