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Created 29-Mar-11
Modified 7-Feb-24
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Black Brant Geese, spring migration stop along the Washington coast.

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Black Brant - BKBT00076BKBT00081 Black BrantBKBT00279 Black BrantBlack Brant Geese - BKBT00334BKBT00370 Black BrantBlack Brant Geese - BKBT00398Black Brant Geese - BKBT00424Black Brant - BKBT00441Black Brant in Flight - BKBT00477Black Brant GeeseBlack BrantBlack Brant - BKBT00504BKBT00517 Black BrantBKBT00523 Black Brant, Canada GeeseBKBT00547 Black BrantBKBT00560 Black Brant GeeseBKBT00695 Black BrantBlack Brant GeeseBlack Brant Geese - BKBT00758BKBT00790 Black Brant