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Created 19-Dec-21
Modified 15-Feb-24
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The desert country of Southern Arizona hosts a wide variety of incredible birdlife to experience and photograph. We explore a variety of habitats to film as many birds as possible in their unique desert environments.

Please visit to learn more about this wonderful photography workshop.

All of these photos are available as Fine Art Prints and editorial usage. Please email me for more information.
AZGR00188 - Greater RoadrunnerAZNC00346 - Northern CardinalAZPA00076 - PyrrhuloxiaAZBH00581 - Broad-billed HummingbirdAZSO00003 - Scott's OrioleAZGQ00212 - Gambel's QuailAZCW00006 _ Cactus WrenAZBT00020 - Long-eared Myotis BatAZBG00128 - Black-headed GrosbeckAZNC00104 - Northern CardinalAZNC00172 - Northern CardinalAZGQ00051 - Gambel's QuailAZWD00090 - White-winged DoveAZGR00102 - Greater RoadrunnerAZBH00109 - Broad-billed HummingbirdAZVB00035 - Varied BuntingAZBL00014 - Blue GrosbeckAZBG00092 - Black-headed GrosbeckAZMT00076 - Merriam's TurkeyAZAW00004 - Acorn Woodpecker