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Created 13-Dec-10
Modified 21-Jan-24
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Primarily I am a wildlife photograper, but every once in a while I cannot resist photographing the lanscape.

Fine art prints and high resolution files for publication are available upon request. Un-authorised use of any of these photos is not permitted.
ONP920385 Hurricane Ridge ReflectionMRNP02102 - Mount Rainier National ParkMRNP01859 Mount Rainier National ParkMRNP00211-Mount RainierOLNP01117 Olympic National ParkJRNP00221 Jasper National ParkGTNP00148-Grand-Tetons-National-ParkOlympic National Park - OLNP00186JRNP00299 Jasper National ParkLDSC221736 Roxborough State Park, COMLHR00212-Juniper PineLDSC221775-Thunderstorm-at-SunsetYellowstone National ParkMRNP00765-Mount-Rainier-National-ParkLDSC010186-Alpine-Wildflowers,-lupine,-arnica,-yarrow,-paintbrushOlympic National Park - OLNP00851LDSC820044-Aspens,-Breezy-Autumn-DayGTNP00034-Grand-Tetons-National-ParkOLNP00044-Olympic-National-ParkYSNP00659 Yellowstone National Park