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Created 1-Feb-16
Modified 23-Jul-22
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A portfolio of photos made on the Hood Canal of Washington State during the spring time. It's a unique area where many bald eagles, great blue herons, gulls and crows congregate to feast on fish that spawn near the inlets. Any of these photos are available as Fine Art Print and are available for publication. Please e-mail me for more information.

Trogon Tours offers a yearly photo workshop to photograph the eagles and other wildlife of the region. Please go to for more information.

Un-authorized use of any of these photos is not permitted.
BE08781 - Bald EagleBald Eagle - BE04768BE06911 - Bald EagleBald Eagle - BE04504BE10102 - Bald EagleBald Eagle - BE04371BE15921 - Bald EagleBE05023 Bald EagleBE09409 - Bald EagleBE08836 - Bald EagleBE09608a - Bald EagleBE09198 - Bald EagleBE04020 Bald EagleBE10752 - Bald EagleBE11103 - Bald EagleBE09429 - Bald EagleBE08648 - Bald EagleBE10019 - Bald EagleBE08248 - Bald EagleBE11612 - Bald Eagle