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Created 18-Sep-10
Modified 15-Oct-16
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Roosevelt ElkRoosevelt ElkRoosevelt Bull Elk - RSEK00069Roosevelt ElkRSEK00316-Roosevelt-ElkRSEK00112-Roosevelt-ElkRoosevelt Elk - RSEK00360Roosevelt Bull Elk - RSEK00562RSEK00258-Roosevelt-ElkRSEK00959-Roosevelt-ElkRoosevelt Bull ElkRSEK00157-Roosevelt-ElkRSEK00390-Roosevelt-ElkRSEK00801-Roosevelt-ElkRSEK00161-Roosevelt-ElkRSEK00164-Roosevelt-ElkRSEK00722-Roosevelt-ElkRSEK00730-Roosevelt-ElkRSEK00756-Roosevelt-ElkRoosevelt Bull Elk - RSEK00763

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Bob Penny(non-registered)
Ken, you are an amazing photographer! I finally got the 500 IS lens!
Thanks for posting all your exceptional images!
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