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In November of 2022 I was able to visit and explore some of the birdlife of this beautiful country. A small group of wonderful photographers joined me for this Trogon Photo Tours adventure.

Jose Luis Avendano Medina was our incredible local guide, he's a great guy, humorous and speaks English very well. He's extremely knowledgeable about the birds and Peruvian history.

All the photos in this gallery are available for publishing and as Fine Art Prints. The un-authorized usage of any of these images is not permitted.
PUHB00132 - Rufous-crested CoquettePUHB01269 - Bearded MountaineerPUHB00496  - Chestnut-breasted CoronetPUHB00366 - Marvelous Spatuletail HummingbirdPUHB00545 - Violet-fronted BrilliantPUHB00135  - Golden-tailed SapphirePUHB00680 - Sparkling VioletearPUHB00888 - Shining Sumbeam HummingbirdPUHB00613 _ Royal Sunangel HummingbirdPUHB00764 - Koepcke's HermitPUHB01231 _ Giant HummingbirdPUBD00092 - Green and Black FruiteaterPUAP00015 - Chestnut AntpitaPURR00045 - Ferruginous Pygmy OwlPUTN00006 _ Green-backed  TrogonPUWB00642 - Blue-billed TealPUWB00060 - Peruvian PelicanPUWB00553 - Andean GoosePUWB00271 - Striated HeronPUWB00517 - Yellow-billed Pintail