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Created 24-Jul-10
Modified 24-Dec-23
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Shiras moose photos made through all seasons, portraits and behavior studies.

Fine art prints and high resolution files for publication are available upon request. Un-authorised use of any of these images is not permitted.
SMWR00252 - Shiras MooseShiras Bull Moose - SHMS00166Shiras Bull Moose Silhouette - SHMS452255SHMS00302 - Shiras MooseSHMS00325 Shiras MooseShiras Cow Moose, Canadian Rockies - SHMS00201SHMS00129 Shiras MooseSHMS00132 Shiras MooseSHMS00275 Shiras Bull MooseSHMS00171 Shiras MooseSHMS452083 Shiras Bull Moose CallingBull Moose - SHMS452241Shiras Bull MooseTrophy Bull Moose - SHMS00582SHMS00199 Shiras Bull MooseSHMS00191 Shiras MooseSHMS00091 Shiras MooseSHMS00093 Shiras MooseSHMS00102 Shiras MooseSHMS00107 Shiras Moose