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Created 2-Dec-20
Modified 24-Dec-23
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Perhaps my favorite type of wildlife photo to create is when I can include the animals habitat as an equal value to the animal or bird featured in the photograph.
Pronghorn Antelope - PASP00067Snowy Owl - SO01154aRocky Mountain Elk and Rainbow - RMEB00149BTBK00253c Black-tail Deer Buck, Mt RainierRocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep -BHRM00369Hoary Marmot - HYMT00062Rocky Mountain Elk - EKWR01061SMWR00252 - Shiras MooseEK01059-Rocky-Mountain-Elk,-Mountain-PondBTDR00603 - Black-tail DeerLCFL03294 - Lesser Canada GeeseWFIS00412 - White-faced IbisRocky Mountain Bull Elk, Canadian Rockies - EK00796SO01709 Snowy OwlBNWR00858 - BisonBNWR00598 BisonBTDR00586 - Black-tail DeerBHRM00763 Rocky Mountain Bighorn SheepCNTN00017 - Common TernNMRM01239 - Rock Ptarmigan