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Created 4-Aug-10
Modified 18-Dec-20
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Pintail ducks summer and fall images.

Fine art prints and high resolution files are available upon request. Un-authorised use of any of these photos is not permitted.
Pintail DuckPintail DuckPTFL00674 - Pintail DuckPintail DuckPintail Ducks, Courtship Flight - PTFL00627Pintail DuckPintail Duck Foraging - PT00144Pintail Duck - PT00159PT00307-Pintail-DuckPT00332-Pintail-DuckPintail Duck Pair - PT00353Pintail Duck Silhouette - PT00382PT00526-Pintail-DucksPintail Drake - PT00585PTFL00211-Pintail-DuckPTFL00339 Pintail DuckPintail Duck Pair - PT00392PT00403-Pintail-DuckPT00405-Pintail-DuckPT00416-Pintail-Duck