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Modified 24-Dec-23
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Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep portfolio including portraits, behavior and environmental photos covering all four seasons. Fine art prints and high resolution files for publication are available upon request. Un-authorised use of any of these images is not permited.
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ram- BHRM00369Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Rams - RMBS471283BHRM00763 - Rocky Mountain Bighorn SheepBHRM00132 - Rocky Mountain Bighorn SheepBHRM00116 - Rocky Mountain Bighorn SheepRocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ram - BHRM00610BHRM00024 - Rocky Mountain Bighorn SheepRMBS00032-Bighorn-Sheep-LambRMBS00092-Bighorn-Sheep-LambRocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ewe - RMBSRMBS00014-Bighorn-Sheep-LambBHRM00220-Rocky-Mountain-Bighorn-SheepBHRM00400  -Rocky Mountain Bighorn SheepRocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Rams  - BHRM00100BHRM00456-Rocky-Mountain-Bighorn-SheepRMBS00215-Rocky-Mountain-Bighorn-SheepBighorn Sheep Ewe and Lamb - RMBS00155Bighorn Sheep Rams- RMBS471139Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ram - BHRM00616RMBS00353-Rocky-Mountain-Bighorn-Sheep