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Created 20-Jul-10
Modified 3-Aug-20
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Photos of White-tail deer bucks made during the late fall rutting season, portraying a variety of behaviors and portaits.

Fine art prints and high resolution files for publication are available upon request. Un-authorised use of any of these images is not permitted.
WTDR01167 - White-tail DeerWTD00605 - White-tail DeerWTDR03253 - White-tail DeerWTDR04257 - White-tail DeerWTDR03878_White-tail DeerWTDR01548 - White-tail DeerWTDR03768 - White-tail DeerWTDR03747 - White-tail DeerWTDR02013 - White-tail DeerWTDR03242 - White-tail DeerWTDR01536 - White-tail DeerWTDR04030 - White-tail DeerWTDR01638 - White-tail DeerWTDR01542 - White-tail DeerWTDR01693 - White-tail DeerWTDR02381 - White-tail DeerWTDR01823 - White-tail DeerWTDR02157 - White-tail DeerWTDR01668 - White-tail DeerWTDR02936 - White-tail Deer