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Created 19-Aug-10
Modified 27-Dec-22
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A portfolio of the United States national symbol. Fine art prints and high resolution files for publication are available upon request. Un-authorised use of any of these images is not permited.
Bald Eagle,preparing to strike - BE020478Bald Eagle - BE04504BE00434 - Bald EagleBald Eagle - BE03019BE07214 - Bald EagleBald Eagle - BE04768BE06804 - Bald EagleBald Eagle - BE04371BE06911 - Bald EagleBE06206 - Bald EagleBald Eagle - BE04235BE05351 - Bald EagleBE02165 Bald EagleBE09198 - Bald EagleBE04509 Bald EagleBE07149 - Bald EagleBE13833 - Bald EagleBald Eagle - BE03509Bald Eagle - BE4020Bald Eagle, Courtship Flight - BE03737a