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Created 24-Oct-10
Modified 28-Mar-24
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A variety of freshwater shorebirds and waterbirds portraits and behavior.

Fine art prints and high resolution files are available upon request. Un-authorised usage of any of these images is not permitted.
American Bittern - AB00663AB00133-American-BitternAmerican Bittern - AB00162American Bittern - AB00708AB00717 American BitternAB00435-American-BitternAmerican Bittern - AB00839AB00354-American-BitternAB00400-American-BitternAB00488-American-BitternAB00490-American-BitternAmerican Bittern - AB00727American Bittern - AB00782AB00926 American BitternAmerican Bittern - AB00766American Bittern - AB00754MSSB00018-Multiple-Species-Shorebirds-AVCT01840 American AvocetAmerican Avocet, Black-necked Stilt - MSSB00053AVCT01784 - American Avocet