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Created 14-Oct-10
Modified 31-Dec-17
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American Widgeons, portraits and in flight.

Fine art prints and high resolution files are available upon request. Un-authorised use of any of these photos is not permitted.
WNFL02189 American Wigeon DuckAmerican Wigeon Duck - WNFL02149Widgeon Drake - WNFL00523Widgeon DuckAmerican WidgeonWNFL02125 American Wigeon DuckWNFL01844 American WidgeonAmerican Wigeon Duck - WNFL02078American Widgeon Duck - WNFL00444WNFL00431-Widgeon-DuckAmerican Wigeon Duck - WNFL02295American Widgeon Duck - WNFL00716WNFL00972-Widgeon-DuckWNFL00599-Widgeon-DuckWidgeon Duck in Flight- WNFL00582WNFL00460-Widgeon-DuckWNFL00741-American-Widgeon-DuckAmerican Widgeon Drake - WNFL00447WNFL00542-Widgeon-DuckWNFL00673-Widgeon-Duck