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Created 20-Jul-10
Modified 3-Aug-20
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Photos of white-tail deer photos made during the annual rut season in late fall, portraying a variety of rutting behavior and portraits.

Fine art prints and high resolution files for publication are available upon request. Un-authorised use of any of these photos is not permitted.
WTDR04097 - White-tail DeerWTDR03222 - White-tail DeerWTDR03878 - White-tail DeerWTDR02311 - White-tail DeerWTDR02375 - White-tail DeerWTDR04645 - White-tail DeerWTDR01738 - White-tail DeerWTDR04397 - White-tail DeerWTDR03983 - White-tail DeerWTDR01642 - White-tail DeerWTDR01859 - White-tail DeerWTDR01575 - White-tail DeerWTDR01714 - White-tail DeerWTDR04516 - White-tail DeerWTDR04373 - White-tail DeerWTDR03227 - White-tail DeerWTDR03231 - White-tail DeerWTDR04088 _ White-tail DeerWTDR04138 - White-tail DeerWTDR04120 - White-tail Deer