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Created 22-Jul-10
Modified 27-Dec-22
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Mule deer buck portraits and behavior created before and during the fall rut season.

Fine art prints and high resolution files for publication are available upon request. Un-authorised use of any of these images is not permitted.
Mule Deer Buck - MUDR01702MLDR01102 Mule DeerMule Deer Bucks - MLDR00816MLDR00667 Mule DeerMule Deer Buck Fleming - MLDR00684MUDR01691 Mule DeerMLDR01298 Mule DeerMLDR00993-Mule-Deer-BuckMLDR00387 Mule DeerMLDR00584 Mule DeerMLDR00776 Mule DeerMUDR01894 Mule DeerMLDR00633 Mule DeerMLDR01259 Mule DeerMLDR00154 Mule DeerMLDR00823 Mule DeerMLDR00158 Mule DeerMLDR00325 Mule DeerMLDR00150 Mule DeerMLDR00138 Mule Deer