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Created 26-Aug-15
Modified 23-Jul-22
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Yellowstone National Park is perhaps my all time favorite wild place to explore and photograph during any season, but spring and winter are my favorite times to be in the park. Yellowstone seems to always have something magical to share with me every time I visit. This gallery is a collection of my most recent and favorite images created in Yellowstone. Each photos is available for publishing and/or fine art prints. Un-authorized use of any of these photos in not permitted.
RO00864a - River OtterGW01130 - Gray WolfEKWR02360 - Rocky Mountain ElkBNWR01605 - BisonBHWR01414 - Rocky Mountain Bighorn SheepCEWR02215 - CoyoteRFWR01068 _ Red FoxGW01019 - Gray WolfGW01020 - Gray WolfRO00410 - River OtterRO00437 - River OtterBHWR01312 _ Rocky Mountain Bighorn SheepBNWR01246 - BisonTWSW00904 - Trumpeter SwanANDR00211 - American DipperYSWR01916 - Yellowstone WinterYSWR01780 - Yellowstone WinterYSWR01939 - Yellowstone WinterEKWR02384 - Rocky Mountain ElkBNWR01268 - Bison