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Created 24-Sep-15
Modified 16-Jan-21
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This is a collection of my favorite photos made over the past year during photo tours and private excursions to wild places in the western United States. For information about our photo tours, please go to All of these images are available as Fine Art Prints and for publication. Un-authorized use of any of these photographs is not permitted.
BN01757 - BisonEK10779 - Rocky Mountain ElkMSWL01740 _ Multiple Species of WaterfowlHNLK00158 _ Horned LarkGRPC00079 - Greater Prairie ChickensSGCO00014 - Greater Sage GrouseDYGC00007 - Dusky GrouseSTGR01088 _ Sharp-tail GrouseRYDK00568 - Ruddy DuckMASE02172 - Marsh WetlandsBRTR00134 - Brook TroutHBSL00101 - Harbor SealGMGS00070 - Golden-mantled Ground SquirrelPE00215 - PorcupineBE17075 - Bald EagleWNTR00013 - Western TanagerSHMS01852 - Shiras MooseZNNP00711 - Zion NPCOLS00014 - Colorado LandscapeGRPC00086 - Greater Prairie Chickens