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Created 24-Sep-15
Modified 29-Dec-21
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This is a collection of my favorite photos made over the past year during photo tours and private excursions to wild places in the western United States. For information about our photo tours, please go to All of these images are available as Fine Art Prints and for publication. Un-authorized use of any of these photographs is not permitted.
GRWF02210 - Gray WolfCEWR02263 - CoyoteBN00060 - BisonBHWR02583 - Bighorn SheepPGY00312 - Northern Pygmy OwlSGCO01802 - Greater Sage GrouseAZMT00076 - Merriam's TurkeySDWG00215 - Western GrebeBE18023 - Bald EagleMNBD00370 - Mountain BluebirdTESW00519 - Tree SwallowORCA00715 - Orca WhaleMNGT01425 - Mountain GoatAZCM00005 - CoatimundiMASE03866 - Marsh WetlandGRPC02520 - Greater Prairie ChickenAZGR00127 - Greater RoadrunnerYRWR00328 - Yellow-rumped WarblerCQ00464 - California QuailSDPF00030 - Peregrin Falcon