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Created 24-Sep-15
Modified 23-Mar-23
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This is a collection of my favorite photos made over the past year during photo tours and private excursions to wild places in the western United States and South America. For information about our photo tours, please go to All of these images are available as Fine Art Prints and for publication. Un-authorized use of any of these photographs is not permitted.
TXBP00031 - Brown PelicanBE18675 - Bald EagleEDGR00735 - Eared GrebeSGCO04071 - Greater Sage GrouseEK14318 - Rocky Mountain ElkRF01085 - Red FoxGRZ02584 - Grizzly BearSDCQ00217 - California QuailGRPC03997 - Greater Prairie ChickenSDCH00314 - Costa's HummingbirdBLTH02729 - BluethroatVTR00256 - Varied ThrushTXGJ00092 - Green JayTXWC00350 - Whooping CraneYWWR00446 - Yellow WarblerTESW00867 - Tree SwallowAZNC00312 - Northern CardinalSDBP00780_Brown PelicanRNPT01179 - Ring-necked PheasantSTGR02250 - Sharp-tailed Grouse