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Created 24-Sep-15
Modified 6-Feb-24
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This is a collection of my favorite photos made over the past year during photo tours and private excursions to wild places in the western United States and South Africa. For information about our photo tours, please go to All of these images are available as Fine Art Prints and for publication. Un-authorized use of any of these photographs is not permitted.
CHPB00845 - Polar BearAFBL00318 - Black-maned LionAFMT00351 - MeerkatAFGK00162 - GemsbokAFBJ00315 - Black-backed JackalGRZ02789 _ Grizzly BearRF02304 - Red FoxWDHS05429 - Wild HorseCHPB01292 - Polar BearGRPC04447 - Greater Prairie ChickenTXNC01347 - Northern CardinalAZGM00191 - Gila MonsterAFSB00051 _ Swallow-tailed Bee-eaterDYGR00469 - Dusky GrouseAZWD00163 - White-winged DoveTXWC01860 - Whooping CraneBNWR02776bw - BisonAFMT00448 - MeerkatMNGT02215 - Mountain GoatBNWR02450 - Bison