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A variety of tree type birds found in western and north-western parts of North America. Fine art prints and high resolution files for publication are available upon request. Un-authorised use of any of these images is not permited.
Barn Swallow Fledglingsmnbd00079-Mountain-BluebirdYWWR00048 Yellow Warbler, aspensCFSW00164 - Cliff SwallowBLTH01857 BluethroatGCKT00011a Golden-crowned KingletYHBD00452 - Yellow-headed BlackbirdNMLL00217 - Lapland LongspurHRRP00045 Hoary RedpollBKOR00060 - Bullock's OrioleNNWR00036 Northern WheatearNMGT00036 Gray-cheeked ThrushCTCE00058 Chestnut-sided ChickadeeNMSB00030 Snow BuntingANHB00039 Anna's HummingbirdWNMK00274 - Western MeadowlarkBHGB00021 Black-headed GrosbeckBK00214 Belted KingfisherCMRP00007 Common RedpoleANDR360869-American-Dipper