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Created 24-Feb-23
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One of our most popular Western US photography tours. There is the possibility to photograph up to five species of grouse, including Greater Sage Grouse; Greater Prairie Chickens; Columbia Sharp-tailed Grouse; Dusky Grouse and White-tailed Ptarmigans. You will experience great opportunities to photograph the amorous and animated males performing their unique courtship display dances to attract females and to ward off competing males. Please visit for more information about this exciting photo tour.
SGCO04071 - Greater Sage GrouseSGCO01802a - Greater Sage GrouseSGCO03486 - Greater Sage GrouseSGCO01671 - Greater Sage GrouseSGCO01962 - Greater Sage GrouseSGCO04265 _ Greater Sage GrouseSGCO00071 - Greater Sage GrouseSGCO00036 - Greater Sage GrouseDYGC00776 - Dusky GrouseDYGC00785 - Dusky GrouseDYGC00007 - Dusky GrouseDYGC00908 - Dusky GrouseDYGC00005 - Dusky GrouseDYGC00799 - Dusky GrouseDYGC00755 - Dusky GrouseDYGC00027 - Dusky GrouseGRPC04102 _ Greater Prairie ChickenGRPC03997 - Greater Prairie ChickenGRPC03933 - Greater Prairie ChickenGRPC00027 - Greater Prairie Chickens