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A portfolio of photos from Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and other natural areas nearby the refuge. All photos are available for publication and fine art prints. Un-authorized use of any of these photos is not permitted.
SGGR02169 - Sage GrouseVR00156 - Virginia RailYHBD00452 - Yellow-headed BlackbirdAVCT01625 - American AvocetRNPT00375 - Ring-necked PheasantSEO00486 Short-eared OwlWDHS0214 - Wild HorsesWDHS02318 - Wild HorsesWDHS02613 Wild HorsesAVCT01890 American AvocetAWP00687 American White PelicanSWHK00086 - Swainson's HawkGE00652 Great EgretYRWR00156 Yellow-rumped WarblerCYWR00565 Common Yellow-throated WarblerHNLK00066 Horned LarkBKOR00001 - Bullock's OrioleNHR00540 Northern Harrier HawkAWP00745 American White PelicanCRLW00522 Curlew