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I had the incredible opportunity to visit the Seward Peninsula around Nome Alaska for 10 days in early June of 2011. This was my first time exploring this remote sub-artic region. Over the past four years Nome has become my favorite place to photograph and I am eagerly looking forward to returning next spring to continue the adventure. If you would like to join me next year, please contact me or check for more information about our trip.

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NMRK00266 - Red KnotBLTH01857 BluethroatBTCW00117 - Bristled-thighed CurlewNMPJ00427 - Parasitic JaegerNMLD01426 - Long-tailed DuckNMAW00362 - Arctic WarblerAMGP00905 - American Golden PloverNMGS00208 - Golden-crowned SparrowBLTH01453 - BluethroatNMRF00128 - Red FoxNMMO00815 - Musk OxNMMS00116 - Alaskan MooseNMLS01062 - Seward PeninsulaNMLS01207 - Seward PeninsulaNMLS00956 - Seward PeninsulaNMLS00908 - Seward PeninsulaNMLL00374 - Lapland LongspurNMLJ01107 - Long-tailed JaegerNMRL01176 - Red-throated LoonNMLD01401 - Long-tailed Duck

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Joseph V Higbee(non-registered)
A super collection, Ken. Love the close-up views of creatures in such a wide open landscape.
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