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This is a collection of my favorite photos made over the past year (September 2015 - September 2016) during photo tours and private excursions to wild places in the western United States and Trinidad & Tobago in South America. For information about our photo tours, please go to All of these images are available as Fine Art Prints and for publication. Un-authorized use of any of these photographs is not permitted.
SMWR00252 - Shiras MooseBCWR00003 - BobcatCEWR00690 - CoyoteKLDR00195 - KilldeerAVCT01923 - American AvocetBLTH01857 BluethroatCFSW00164 - Cliff SwallowBE09198 - Bald EagleNMPJ00336 - Parasitic JaegerBK00455 - Belted KingfisherWFIS01034 - Black-necked Stilt & White-faced IbisBWOL00474 - Burrowing OwlBWOL00453 - Burrowing OwlBWOL00496 - Burrowing OwlNMMO00692 - Musk OxWDDK00918 - WoodduckNMBW00021 - Blackpoll WarblerBNST01269 - Black-necked StiltTDPN00012 - Tuftd PuffinAMGP00905 - American Golden Plover