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In February 2015, I was offered the wonderful opportunity to lead a small group of photographers to explore and photograph the incredible bird life of Trinidad & Tobago. We had an extra-ordinary adventure!

Trogon Tours is now offering the tour as regular destination in February each year. Please visit for more information about this great place.

Each photo is available for publication or as Fine Art Prints. Un-authorized usage of any of these photographs is not permitted.
TTLS00185 Trinidad & TobagoTTSI00286 - Scarlet IbisTTBM00040 - Black-throated MangoTTWJ00443 - White-necked JacobinTTRT00194 - Rubby Topaz HummingbirdTTRT00070 - Red-billed TropicbirdTTRH00185 - Rufous-breasted HermitTTBN00096 - Blue-backed ManakinTTSA00025 - Smooth-billed AniTTBQ00067 - BananaquitTTRJ00192 - Rufous-tailed JacamarTTBA00016 - Barred AntshrikeTTBH00059 Bay-headed TanagerTTTT00007 - Turquoise TanagerTTCO00113 - Crested OropendolaTTCR00136 - Copper-rumped HummingbirdTTSH00007 - Star-throated HummingbirdTTTM00135 - Trinidad MotmotTTYO00008 - Yellow OrioleTTST00052 Silver-beaked Tanager